The Devil quoting the Scriptures…

An essential detail of the painful recent happenings would not have gone unnoticed by a keen observer.

Right in the middle of a crouded stadium stuffed with a jubilant flag bearing accolade, the devil stands – incarnated by the Cremlin man – quoting the Scriptures.

Do not sneer at the possibllty of the devil existance only because it is hard to admit it.

I shall prove it to you, strictly from a layman point of vue, far from religious dogmas.

None other is the devil but evil.

No horns, no tail, no luceferous flames.

Evil, on the contrary, will don the clothes of unsuspectable commonness, because only through hiding in apparent goodness it can better operate.

I think, on this, we shall all agree.

On this scenario, we have to realize that without an individual ready to  embrace it, evil simply would not exist.

It is precisely this hard to spot mimetic ability (if we name it so) of evil, that makes the fight to eradicate it so strenous, if not dishuman.

It is through the gospel then, that we can see the evil hiding within the forms of goodness.

To those who asked him:

“How can we tell the good prophet from the bad one?”.

The man from Nazareth answered with just these words:

“From his deeds”.

I look at the photos showing the rapes, the assassinations perpetrated in Ucraine by the invading russian soldiers.

I am not asking you to join me in this vision as this will only add more sorrow to your soul.

But of one thing I am certain:

the Cremlin man, with his bloody deeds, incarnates the absolute evil even as he shelters himself behind the gospel words…

(traduzione di Mario Pirri)

Lorenzo Matassa

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