8 Dicembre 2023
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2 thoughts on “Opinion by Carisa Frisby – Il caso Berlusconi

  1. What worries me about Berlusconi isn’t his love affairs with women, more or less wores, but his attempts at destroying what still remains in my country, which resembles democracy. He, together with all the court of laissez-faire thinkers, both of the right and the left side, are trying to destroy the basic idea of a society founded on solidarity among social groups to establish a society based on competition, cinicism, the jungle law. As anyone can easily understand such a society can’t foresee any shelter and support for the weak. It is the triumph of the worst sides of man, as an uneducated savage.
    To keep on telling about the Premier’s sex affairs is a way to exalt him as a macho and hide his heavy reposnibilities as a politician and head of the government.
    But maybe more than one of the so called critics of Berlusconi aims exactly at hiding the ideal, cultural and moral foundations which make him be what he is: the tip of the iceberg of an unsound idea of man and State.

  2. I think your comment is very true. The more people talk about his affairs the more they are exulting him. Thank you very much for pointing that out! I respect the love you have for your country.
    Thank you for your comment!

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