There’s daggers in man smiles”.    

Macbeth – William Shakespeare

It is not easy to further this idea because, wrongly, we think that Literature and Poetry can hardly change the course of History.

Wether this assumption is right or not, still it is true that these are the only human means allowing the events (once happened) to be seen as to give them a final comprehension.

Many experts – from both sides of the Atlantic – would not have predicted, at the onset of Nazism and the voracious expansion of the Third Reich, that the evolved Germany would ever trample in blood on the destiny of european people.

Bertold Brecht knew differently and not by chance his book were publically burnt in a bonfire.

We know now how things went, but it took million human lives for us to understand.

Now we are back to square one!

There is no doubt that evil imbecillity – if not madness – is often ruling the world.

This fact has already been presented to us by the great Bard in all possible manners.

Putin is a look-alike of Macbeth who thinks he can rule the world in the most ferocious, bloody manner.

Examine him carefully: his way of looking, his smirks are hiding the dagger that he is trying to wedge in to Europe’s heart.

Lorenzo Matassa

(Traduzione Mario Pirri)

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